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2,000 Gallon Project

The 2,000 Gallon Project reimagines the common commercial dumpster to make a visual statement about how retaining stormwater can help prevent combined sewage overflow (CSO) into the Gowanus Canal.

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Rainwater Harvesting Workshops

The GCC will be hosting a series of workshops on the environmental challenges of the Gowanus Canal and the Green Infrastructure measures taking place in the neighborhood. View upcoming workshop dates here.

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Gowanus Greenscape

The Gowanus Greenscape is emerging -- parks, bioswales, street end gardens and esplanades. Help develop a vision for a vibrant open space network that reflects the needs and priorities of the people who live, work, and play in this neighborhood.

Did you know that every change-of-use development along the Canal will include a 40' wide waterfront public park?  What do you think these parks should look and feel like?  Make your voice heard by taking part in fun visioning activities at several of our new waterfront public spaces.

Or, participate in our interactive map to let us know what you think of existing public space, and where you want more of them!


2,000 Gallon Project

The 2,000 Gallon Project reimagines the common commercial dumpster to make a visual statement about how retaining stormwater can help prevent combined sewage overflow (CSO) into the Gowanus Canal. The Canal, in the heart of Brooklyn, is one of America’s most polluted waterways. Its watershed consists of approximately 1,800 acres of densely developed land, and homes for 122,000 residents, who contribute to the annual 377 million gallons of CSO into the Canal. New York City is investing in grey and green infrastructure throughout the Watershed to lessen CSOs, including about 90 curbside rain gardens, or bioswales, and two large sewage detention tanks totalling 12 million gallons of storage. These projects will have substantive impacts on the amount of untreated sewage entering the Canal, but will not solve the problem entirely. Each dumpster is 2,000 gallons - the amount of stormwater managed by each new bioswale - and serve as an aboveground visualization of the physical volume of managed stormwater. Each and every person that lives, works or plays in the Gowanus Watershed can contribute to the solution, by lessening water use during storms and retaining stormwater at their home, school or business to achieve 0 gallons of CSO into the Canal, and make the Gowanus Blue.

Watch our progress as we plant and deploy 10 dumpsters!

Help us plant! Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more info.

Help make Gowanus Blue! Residents, businesses and schools can learn how to make a rainwater harvesting system at our free workshop series.

GCC Pop-Up Nursery

Every Saturday
Times subject to change - see calendar for updates*
Carroll St. & Nevins St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

*Our Summer hours are shorter due to the heat! Please be sure to check the calendar for updates.

This growing season, check out our Pop-Up Nursery at the corner of Carroll & Nevins! Volunteers and students will be helping us grow a wide array of mostly native plants well-adapted to our urban conditions. These plants will be installed in gardens throughout the Watershed, and are also for sale. See list of plants currently available here.

Thanks to Alloy for hosting and Greenbelt Native Plant Center for supporting our 2016 Nursery.


Gowanus ArtLab Workshops

Whole Foods Esplanade, SW Corner, 214 3rd St, Brooklyn 11215
[Click here for exact location]
View all workshops here.

ArtLab Gowanus is a popup structure on the Whole Foods Esplanade that hosts monthly site-specific FREE art workshops, taught by local artists.

The “lab” is a steel-framed pop-up structure that provides flexible workspace for groups and individuals. There are built-in work surfaces, as well as storage for smaller drawing boards that participants can borrow for use in the nearby bench seating or around the neighborhood.

Sedums inhabit the green roof, capturing and retaining rainwater before it makes its way into the canal. The structure thus becomes an educational opportunity itself while it hosts other workshops.

By offering a space along the canal for site-specific art-making, this structure places value on different ways of seeing an often maligned water body and its surrounding neighborhood. It acts as a new lens along the Gowanus Canal, opening up opportunities for discovery through art and stewardship.


Rainwater Harvesting Workshops

Lenny RWH System

Where Does Your Water Come From? Where Does It Go?
GCC Nursery, 431 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY 11215
All workshops 11:00am - 12:30pm 

Sun, August 21
Sun, September 25
Sat, October 15 - Grow to Learn School Gardeners only
Sun, November 13

RSVP for a workshop here. 

Learn what you can do to help prevent Combined Sewer Overflows in New York City. Whenever it rains, raw sewage is dumped untreated into New York City water-bodies like the Gowanus Canal. In this hands on workshop, learn about this problem and come away with ideas about what you can do from adopting a bioswale, to building your own rainwater harvesting system. More info here.

Pick up a FREE DEP Rain Barrel for your school, home, or business!
RSVP for a rain barrel here.

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