Thank you so much for your support of our 2021 Gowanus Canal Crawl! We are grateful to all who make it possible for us to continue our work toward a Gowanus Canal and surrounding urban environment that is clean, resilient, diverse, and alive.

Take a look at the photos from this year’s event and support our work with a donation. Stay tuned for more details on next year’s event in the coming months!

GCC provides crucial education, volunteer, and advocacy programming year-round. We educate K-12 students in green infrastructure design, urban ecology, and water quality testing; engage volunteers in stewardship work at the Salt Lot and in gardens and tree beds around Gowanus; support neighborhood tree stewards in the Gowanus Tree Network; guide youth in the Green Team job apprenticeship; grow and sell native plants at our Lowlands Nursery, and plan and advocate for reduced combined sewage overflow into the Gowanus Canal and resilient open space throughout the Gowanus Lowlands. To support these programs, GCC holds a celebratory fundraiser each year. One quarter of our entire annual budget is raised through this essential event.