Carroll Street Planters

In collaboration with Future Green Studio, The Department of Design and Construction, and Council Member Brad Lander’s office, Gowanus Canal Conservancy installed 12 planters along Carroll Street between Nevins and 3rd Ave in October 2017. These gardens were installed as a replacement for decades-old street trees that were cut down to build a high-level storm sewer as a part of DEP’s efforts to reduce combined sewage overflow in the Gowanus Canal. Since completion of the high-level storm sewer in 2018, 6 new trees were planted along the street. Cared for by local neighbors, the planters remain between the young trees along the block, enhancing beauty, habitat value, and stormwater management.

Guide to Plants in Carroll Street Planters

Partners and Sponsors

NYC Council Member Brad Lander
NYC Department of Transportation (DOT)
NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC)
NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)