Gowanus Blue

Under both the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund and the Clean Water Act, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will be installing green and grey infrastructure in the Gowanus Watershed with the goal of achieving about a 60% combined sewage overflow (CSO) reduction by 2030. Even if this target is reached, CSO will remain a persistent pollutant in the Gowanus Canal, adversely impacting environmental health and making it unsuitable for recreational activities.

CSO could be significantly reduced by smaller scale interventions and behavior changes in private homes, schools and and businesses throughout the 1,700 acre Gowanus Watershed.

Through Gowanus Blue, Gowanus Canal Conservancy and partners are organizing Gowanus students, residents and businesses to bring this reduction closer to 100% by 2030.

Partners and Sponsors

NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)
Sun Hill Foundation
NYC Soil & Water Conservation District
S.W.I.M. Coalition