Green Infrastructure Plan

Annually, 363 million gallons of combined sewer overflow (CSO) are released into the Gowanus Canal from the watershed during rain events. The NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is designing and constructing grey and green infrastructure across the Watershed to reduce CSO and decrease the amount of raw sewage flowing into the Canal. DEP installations currently underway include a growing number of curbside rain gardens, or bioswales; a high level storm sewer system; and two large underground sewage detention tanks, as part of the Superfund remedy. Visit the DEP’s Green Infrastructure page to learn more.

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NYC Department of Environmental Protection Green Infrastructure

Gowanus Infrastructure Updates

CityLimits: CityViews: Council Can Foster Clean Water, Healthy Residents Vote on Gowanus Tank April 9, 2018



NYC Soil & Water Conservation District
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