Eutrochium dubium – Coastal Joe Pye


A shorter, more shade-tolerant Joe Pye weed.


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An easy-to-grow plant that is covered in clouds of dusky pink flowers in the summer. Joe Pye weed is one of the best plants for a summer pollinator garden. Eutrochium dubium is similar to Eutrochium purpurea but is shorter and more tolerant of shade.

“Attracts big, showy butterflies such as monarchs and swallowtails, but also various solitary bees, bumble bees and other insects.” – 100 Plants to Feed the Bees

Height: 3-4 ft

Sun: Sun to partial shade

Water: Medium

Bloom color: Dusky pink

Bloom time: July, August

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1-gallon, quart, 2-gallon

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