Gymnocladus dioica – Kentucky coffee tree


A picturesque landscape tree for large lawns and parks, the male trees being appealing because they don’t have seed pods but the female trees bearing larger fragrant flowers.


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Gymnocladus dioica, is a tall deciduous tree with a scaly gray-brown bark that grows 60-80’.  Its leaves are blue-green in summer and turn yellow in fall and it has greenish white flowers appearing in late spring of which the female flowers are fragrant. Native Americans and early American settlers roasted and ground the seeds to brew a coffee-like caffeine free beverage and also roasted the seeds for food (although the seeds are toxic prior to roasting).

“The Kentucky coffee tree’s tolerance to pollution and a wide range of soils makes it a suitable tree for urban environments.”   The Morton Aboretum

Height: 60 to 80ft
Sun: Full Sun
Water: Medium
Bloom color: Greenish/white
Bloom time: May to June


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