Matteuccia struthiopteris – Ostrich fern


A pretty vigorous fern that is good planted in conjunction with early spring wildflowers.


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Commonly called ostrich fern, Matteuccia struthiopteris is a deciduous fern which grows up to 6ft in the right conditions.  The fronds exhibit the feathery appearance of long ostrich plumes but can begin to look rather tattered by early fall.  It’s a great plant in mass in woodland areas or in wild gardens and is good when paired with astilbe and hosta.

“In the New England area especially, these unfurled leaves of Ostrich Fern are collected, sold, and eaten as gourmet food”.  Illinois Wildflowers 

Height: 3 to 6ft
Sun: Part shade/full shade
Water: Medium to Wet
Bloom color: Non flowering

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