Pycnanthemum tenuifolium – Slender mountain mint

Mountain mints are bee favorites and the foliage has a very pleasant smell.

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A many-branched, perennial that has extremely narrow, almost needle-like leaves.? In the mid to late summer, the plant is covered with small, white flowers.? All parts of the plant emit a strong, mint-like aroma when crushed.? An assertive spreader.

“These native mints, close relatives of beebalm, have a strong and very pleasant odor when the foliage is crushed.? Many anecdotal reports and long-term obersation by Xerces staff assert that these plants are a honey bee favorite… The shallow nectaries of mountain-mint and its seemingly abundant nectar attract an amazing parade of bees, beneficial solitary waspt, flies, beetles and small butterflies such as hairstreaks.” – 100 Plants to Feed the Bees

Height: 2-3 ft

Sun: Sun to partial shade

Water: Medium to dry

Bloom color: White

Bloom time: July, August, September

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