Spiraea alba, White Meadowsweet


A great native alternative to the common landscaping plant Japanese Spirea, with lovely large clusters of white flowers on a 4ft green leaved shrub.


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Spiraea alba, commonly called meadowsweet, is a deciduous shrub which grows up to 4′ tall  with cone-shaped clusters of tiny, white flowers that bloom in the summer.   It also has fruits which mature in September and disperse in a similar way to milkweed.  Effective in wet areas along streams or ponds and with regular watering, in a border or cottage garden.

“The Greek word speira meaning wreath in reference to the showy flower clusters seen on most shrubs in the genus.”  Missouri Botanical Garden

Height:  3 to 4ft

Sun:  Full sun to part shade

Water:  Medium to wet

Bloom Color:   White

Bloom Time:  June to August


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