Vernonia noveboracensis – New York Ironweed


A tall, June to Sept, purple flowering perennial which is similar in form Joe Pye Weed.


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Vernonia noveboracensis, New York Ironweed, is a tall, coarse, upright perennial.  It features clusters of numerous tiny, delicate, deep purple flowers about 3-4″ in width on tall stems which grow up to 6ft tall.  It blooms late summer into fall and the flowers give way to rusty seed clusters.   Its lovely intense purple blooms attract butterflies.

“The specific name for the genus, Vernonia, honors an English botanist, William Vernon, who collected plants in Maryland in the seventeenth century.”    North Creek Nurseries

Height: 4 to 6ft

Sun:  Full sun

Water:  Medium to wet

Bloom Color:   Purple

Bloom Time:  June to Sept


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