Viola striata – striped cream violet


Striped White Violet (Viola striata) is a rather tall and attractive species that blooms later than most violets (Viola spp.) and is attractive to butterflies.   It also has a longer than average period of bloom than most violets because its flowers are produced as the stems become longer.


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Viola striata, commonly called striped cream, has creamy white flowers which appear in late spring. Its dark green, heart-shaped leaves form a thick ground cover.  It works well when used in masses in shaded areas of woodland gardens, wildflower gardens or native plant gardens.

“Genus name comes from the Latin name for various sweet-scented flowers.”  Missouri Botanical Garden

Height: 1ft

Sun: Partial shade

Water: Medium to wet

Bloom color: Pale violet/white

Bloom time: April to June

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