Gowanus Blue Schools Curriculum

The Gowanus Blue Schools green infrastructure design curriculum is now available! To access this free curriculum, please fill out this quick survey.

In 2018, students from M.S. 88, M.S. 447 and Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies took on a design challenge with the Gowanus Canal Conservancy to develop green infrastructure design concepts for their school campuses. Students then presented their proposals to a panel of NYC design and sustainability professionals. Following the success of the first year of the Gowanus Blue Schools program, the curriculum developed by GCC, thread collective, and participating teachers is now available for free download.

This curriculum includes the following 10 missions:

  1. Site Analysis
  2. Stormwater Analysis
  3. Analyze + Brainstorm
  4. Define your Program
  5. Schematic Design
  6. Design Development
  7. Improve Your Design
  8. Design Refinement
  9. Final Design
  10. Get Ready To Present  

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STEM Gowanus Curriculum

(Grades 5-8)

The Gowanus Canal has captivated people for more than 400 years, from its salt marsh era to a polluted industrial waterway that today is undergoing revitalization. The STEM Gowanus Curriculum is available for for free download for educators who wish to engage students in grades 5-8 with the Gowanus Canal’s complex and fascinating urban ecology. This curriculum was created by the Gowanus Canal Conservancy and the Urban Memory Project.

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All curriculum units utilize a place-based focus on the Gowanus Canal & Watershed, with topics including:

  1. History & Geography
  2. Watershed & Sewershed
  3. Climate Change
  4. Water Quality
  5. Soil Quality
  6. Flora & Fauna
  7. Site Design

Curriculum Package

– Pre, Post and Field Lessons, background text, maps and worksheets for each unit
– Integrates Science, ELA, Math and Social Studies
– Aligned with Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards
– Adaptable for grades 5-8
– Uses the design process, project-based learning and is solutions-oriented

Access to Curriculum

To access the free curriculum, please fill out a survey.


For more information, please contact education@gowanuscanalconservancy.org

Partners and Sponsors

Con Edison
National Grid
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)
The New York State Pollution Prevention Institute
PepsiCo Foundation
Urban Memory Project