Your support means more than ever this year.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our dedicated donors, every dollar you contribute will be tripled in impact. Yes, you read that correctly – tripled!

When you make a donation of $50, it becomes $150, and a $100 contribution turns into $300. This tremendous opportunity to amplify the impact of your gift will help us accelerate our mission to advocate and care for Gowanus public spaces while empowering a community of stewards.. Join us in making a difference today and watch your support go three times as far.

From now until the end of the year, you will directly contribute to our ongoing work, including K-12 education and youth development programs, supporting community stewardship of street trees and gardens, and continued advocacy for green space and resilient infrastructure to protect and sustain our neighborhood.

With each seed watered, rain garden weeded, and tree bed cultivated, we’re nurturing environmental careers, fostering community stewardship, and building biodiverse habitats. We’re striving to reach more young adults and empower them to become community stewards who bridge the gap between people and the place they call home.

Gowanus Canal Conservancy is committed to creating a cleaner, more vibrant, and sustainable neighborhood. Your support will enable us to achieve these goals.

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution today and be part of the transformation of the Gowanus area into a place of beauty, vitality, and resilience. Together, we can triple our impact and create a brighter future for our unique neighborhood.