Urban Forestry

Gowanus Canal Conservancy partnered with TreeKIT to draft a street tree management plan that will be weaved into the Gowanus Lowlands Master Plan.

Street Tree Stewardship

Join us at our next volunteer event to get involved in local street tree stewardship!

Gowanus Tree Network

In partnership with the Nature Conservancy, the Gowanus Tree Network consists of Gowanus neighbors working together to build a network of tree stewards. Over the course of 2018, local blocks and community groups will participate in free Citizen Pruner training, tree stewardship, and entry into the Greenest Block in Brooklyn.

Gowanus Urban Forest Management Plan

In partnership with TreeKit and the NYC Department of Park and Recreation, the Gowanus Urban Forest Management Plan:
1) Draws on two street tree inventories completed in 2012 and 2016 to draw a clear picture of current conditions and trends for street trees in the urban forest surrounding the Gowanus Canal
2) Illustrates a vision for the future of street trees immediately surrounding the Gowanus Canal and its larger water/sewer-shed
3) Lays out concrete actions steps to be taken by Gowanus Canal Conservancy and NYC Department of Parks and Recreation for improving street trees in the area

Partners and Sponsors

The Nature Conservancy
NYC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR)
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)