Gowanus Tree Network

The Gowanus Tree Network are neighbors working together to build a healthy urban forest. Tree Ambassadors enroll in free Citizen Pruner training, organize tree stewardship with their neighbors, and enter the Greenest Block in Brooklyn contest. We work with 16 blocks across the Gowanus Tree Management Area, with 33 Tree Ambassadors, and have done 33 tree bed expansions and installed 75 tree guards since 2018.

Monitoring Soil Moisture

In 2019, Gowanus Tree Network volunteers partnered with Temboo to install 6 soil moisture sensors in tree beds that track real-time data on stormwater performance and the impact of stewardship on tree health. As GCC moves towards future expansion of GTN, we hope to install more sensors throughout the neighborhood, including new tree plantings that will be required for new development associated with the Gowanus Rezoning. If scaled-up, this type of monitoring program could support more efficient maintenance, provide data on the performance of new planting standards, and ensure long-term tree health. For more information about the pilot project and recent coverage in the New York Times, check out the links below.

Temboo: Gowanus Canal Conservancy Solves Environmental Data Collection with Kosmos

The New York Times: Helping the Environment, One Small Sensor at a Time

Gowanus Street Tree Management Plan

In partnership with TreeKit and the NYC Department of Park and Recreation, the Gowanus Street Tree Management Plan:

1) Draws on two street tree inventories completed in 2012 and 2016 to draw a clear picture of current conditions and trends for street trees in the urban forest surrounding the Gowanus Canal

2) Illustrates a vision for the future of street trees immediately surrounding the Gowanus Canal and its larger water/sewer-shed

3) Lays out concrete actions steps to be taken by Gowanus Canal Conservancy and NYC Department of Parks and Recreation for improving street trees in the area

View the Gowanus Street Tree Management Plan here.

Click here for the 2018 State of the Gowanus Urban Forest.

Partners and Sponsors

US Forest Service, Department of Agriculture

NYC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR)

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Urban and Community Forestry Grants Program

The Nature Conservancy

NYC Compost Project hosted by Big Reuse