Annual Meeting

It’s been a busy year in Gowanus! As Gowanus moves towards a clean canal and a major rezoning, the Gowanus Lowlands master plan for parks and public spaces is a guide for the changing neighborhood. Local middle school students worked with us to design more resilient school campuses. And we have a new cohort of young environmental leaders fresh out of our high school Green Team training program.

Join us at the Annual Meeting to:

  • Get updates on the work we’re doing in our volunteer, education, and design programs
  • Meet and mingle with volunteers, Board members, and staff. Ask them any questions you might have about Gowanus or GCC!
  • Find out how you can get involved! There many ways for community members, neighbors and volunteers to help build an open, clean, and alive Gowanus Canal.

RSVP here! Admission to the Annual Meeting is FREE for everyone.

This year’s Annual Meeting is sponsored by Avery Hall Investments